Rocking Chair Chats

What is a Rocking Chair Chat?

A rocking chair is a part of many of my interiors. A rocking chair sits in my counseling office, another in my private “quiet place” room. A rocking swing hangs in my backyard and yet another rocking chair sits in my artists studio.

A rocking chair symbolizes comfort and safety. I have precious memories of rocking my newborn in the middle of the night as we huddled close to the wood stove in the kitchen. That rocking chair provided hours of sweet motherhood time for my infant child and again a generation later for my grandchild. I have had numerous rocking chair prayers as I cried out to God in the most fearful times in my life. And I have relaxed in my rocking chair as I muse about future hopes and dreams. I have noticed through the years that the rocking chair in my counseling room provides a comforting place to let the life stories flow and seek God’s direction in life. Rocking Chairs are a place for real life, gut level, and for pouring out your heart kind of chats. The great things is that God always listens to rocking chair chats.

Some years ago during an intense “black storm” of life, I lost interest in writing. Up until that time, I had logged in many hours of composing word pictures for various groups of readers. I even had a monthly art column in the local newspaper. Early on in the “storm,” someone told me “someday you will need to write about this. It will help other people”. Although I agreed at the time, the weeks that turned into months and months that turned into years melted into simply a time of survival and healing. Yet in those dark days, I had to admit that other Christians from the pages of history who wrote of their great trials and God’s faithfulness gave great comfort to my soul. I had to acknowledge that although my desire to write had flown away with the tragedies that someday God might bring me to a place where writing may again be a part of my life. And just perhaps, like I was comforted by believing writers of the past as they fought fierce spiritual battles, just maybe….my journey through the darkness while holding Christ’s hand just might help somebody else.

“He is the Father of all compassion, the God of all comfort. He consoles us as we endure the pain and hardship of life so that we may draw from His comfort and share it with others in their own struggles.” II Corinthians 1:3b-4 (The Voice Bible)

Welcome to Rocking Chair Chats.

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